Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Beyond Amenities

Take advantage of everything Ballantyne has to offer.
From experiencing luxurious spa treatments to experiencing nature, Ballantyne has a lot to offer.
Only here for a visit? Stay In Ballantyne has information on top rated hotels in the area.


Stay In Ballantyne

With 600 hotel rooms and more than 30,000 square feet of meeting space, Bissell Hotels offers your one stop hospitality resource with four hotels, each catering to the needs of a different traveler at a different price point. Committed to quality accommodations and superior service, Bissell Hotels is dedicated to providing your guests with an exceptional stay experience.


Dining and Retail

From a quick grab and go lunch to a formal sit down dining experience, the Ballantyne area has it all! In fact, there are over 30 restaurants at the main Ballantyne intersection. Retail centers such as Ballantyne Commons East, Ballantyne Village, Ballantyne Quad and StoneCrest provide tenants with fast and convenient shopping and dining close to their office.

parks & recreation

Recreation and Leisure

For over forty years, Bissell has been developing places where people want to live, work, play and stay. Places like Ballantyne. Bissell is driven to constantly enhance office environments and the community by creating small parks and other gathering places within our Park that allows tenants a place to think, bond and relax within 100 yards of their office. It’s all about you!

beauty salons


Find out about special discounts for Ballantyne Corporate Park tenants at the local YMCA,
as well as other wellness programs available to tenants of the Park.

The Golf Club at Ballantyne — There's always room for golf.
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